Green Philosophy

I believe that it is our responsibility to take care of our planet for ourselves and for future generations. It is our home and it’s beautiful and we really can’t afford to continue damaging it without thinking of the long term effects.

Green Wedding Photography has a strong environmental philosophy at it’s heart. I love photographing in stunning natural locations, so it makes sense to me to make sure I do my best to take care of and preserve those places. It is of great importance to me to run my business with caring for our planet in mind. Here are some of the ways in which I do this:

Bamboo USB’s – all USB’s are made from sustainable bamboo or wood.

Paper – Most of the paperwork is done electronically so very little is printed and when paper is necessary it is  recycled and unbleached.

Transport – Unfortunately public transport isn’t reliable enough to use for weddings, especially those which are in more than one location, so it is often necessary for me to use a car, but I offset my carbon with Trees4Scotland, a great organisation who are planting native permanent woodlands in Scotland.

Office – I work from home (and sometimes coffee shops!) so I am not using extra energy renting office/studio space and heating and lighting this. As my office is at home I also don’t need to commute.

Albums – The albums I provide come from a brilliant company called Folio who have their own eco-credentials which you can read about here

Website – My website is hosted by Ecohosting who offset their data centre’s carbon emissions and have a plant a tree scheme in place.

I am always looking for ways to be kinder to the environment so if you have any suggestions or are part of an eco-friendly company and would like to offer your services/link up then please feel free to get in touch.